RIR soldiers take tribunal cases

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Mad_Moriarty, Sep 13, 2006.

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  1. More than 1,000 part-time RIR members are taking their Army bosses to an industrial tribunal over redundancy rights.

    Link here
  2. The poor boys are fcuked me thinks on this front - HM Forces are exempt from the Employment Rights Act, the Act they'd be using to take MOD to an Employment Tribunal.

    Hope I'm wrong or that there's a loop whole - Just goes to show you don't have to come to from Nepal to get financially fcuked by MOD when they don't want you any more!
  3. Feck 'em. If they win this then the whole TA T&C will have to be rewritten. These are RIR (HS) soldiers and hence cannot draw a parallel to full time service. They are not RIR (GS) with all the turbulence associated. Where would we rather have our money spent

    a) increasing the 14000 ppound payments to tehse Home Service soldiers
    b) equiping forces in AFG/IRQ
    c) sorting out tax free pay on ops

    Take a sense pill. If they win this cash will come out of the Defence vote and nowhere else.
  4. Nothing to do with the TA T&Cs. HS R IRISH are Regular Army and have been since 01 Jul 92. The HS Full Time are getting the full FIS/FAS redundancy package + £28k (tax free). The HS Part Time are getting a straight £14k (tax free) no pension, no redundancy, no terminal leave etc.

    The PT are taking the cases under the Part Time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000 which in summary states you have to provide the same T&Cs for your PT workers on a 'pro-rata' basis. This law DOES APPLY to the MoD and HM Forces. (Read it on the web) The PT are only asking for what they believe is their right in law. Nothing more nothing less. Lead cases were launched in 2001 and have still not been settled. MoD missed an opportunity to do so when the DIN was published to sort it out. Had they done so then the situation would not have arisen. As for the cost - how much are the legal people going to make out of this by fighting it?

    If they win - and I hope they do - the money will come from the Treasury.

    The TA case is being fought as well. Major Finian Manson is leading on it - check out the TA forum.