RIR and P-Coy

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Sir Oracle, Nov 8, 2012.

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  1. Hey all,

    Just wondering, is it possible to do P-Company while serving with the Royal Irish? I'm thinking of joining up pretty soon, but I', still not decided on regiments, but I know that I'd definitely like to go for a maroon beret while serving.

    Is it possible to do it even if you're not serving with the Paras?
  2. It's not all about the colour of the beret you know.
    The cap badge counts for brownie points as well.
  3. A maroon caubeen would be pretty fetching though
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  4. Is there enough maroon cloth in the world to make one though?
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  5. With budgets the way they are I don't think you will be allowed to do P Coy as a jolly unless you are transferring or being posted to a job requiring it.

    Either join the paras and do it or join RIR and don't.

  6. Ah so it's not just generally open to anyone in 16AA who wants to do it, you have to be selected?
  7. There are an awful lot of the 1st Bn who have done it. I believe that it is encouraged.
  8. In short, you will never get a maroon beret in the Royal Irish, as they wear caubeens, which are green regardless of P Coy, you might get your wings if you join before they leave 16AA. If you desperately want a maroon beret your best chance is the Paras.
    I'm surprised this hasn't been given the coveted 'wah' status!
  9. Seems like a reasonable question from a bloke who wants to join. There must be someone on here who's with the 1st Bn who can give a potential recruit a steer, or are we obliged to rip the piss out of everyone who appears.
  10. Mate, if you're joining the Royal Irish then be proud to wear the Caubeen. I've never seen a member of the Royal Irish wearing a maroon lid, ever!

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  11. Unfortunately it is the nature of ARRSE that some folk feel the need to do this
  12. CanteenCowboy

    CanteenCowboy LE Book Reviewer

    If you join 'the Crazy Oirish' before they leave the Brigade, then yes you will get loads of chances to do P Coy, but perversley no hope in hell of doing a jumps course to get your wings, as the jumps courses are preserved for those that actually NEED to jump out of perfectly good aeroplanes for their role, the R IRISH and SCOTS don't have to jump out of planes.
  13. the royal irish are leaving 16AA? when..
  14. I seem to remember hearing that RIR leaving the 16AA was just a rumour?

    Incidentally, what practical impact would that have, besides not being able to do P-Coy? Would they get deployed less as a result?
  15. If they leave 16X they will become part of the Adaptive force, losing the third rifle platoon in each company to be backfilled by the TA. This does not mean that they will not be deployed, but they just won’t go in the first phase, as they have been with 16X.