ripstop material

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tank_6275, Apr 3, 2007.

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  1. why is ripstop so difficult to get totally crease free when ironing ?? and any tips from anyone?
  2. Because it isn't really designed to be ironed.
  3. get a decent iron- at least 2000w, does the trick for me
  4. It's made of cotton.

    Ironing drastically reduces the working life of cotton garments.


    a. Don't wear them on Parade,


    b. Wear un-ironed cotton and take the extra duties.

    On the basis of trial and error (I loved Trousers OG, in the 70s - various adjutants disagreed) I think option (a) is best - if you want a peaceful - if slightly sweaty - life.

    Option (b) is good only if you do not want to be CO, or if you really like a fight.

    On operations, however, if wrinkly ripstop is a source of regimental angst - for heaven's sake . . . after all - if someone's trying to kill you, and all your mates, only the most anally retentive C.O. is going to check you for creases.