Ripstop jackets

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by gunnerfalkey, Dec 22, 2008.

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  1. A few years ago i noticed CS95 jacket issued were made of ripstop material. It seems now all issued jackets (i.e 95 and soldier 2000) are not issued in ripstop fabric. Why is this? Surely getting rid of ripstop is a step backwards?

  2. But saves money!
  3. Apparently they meet the same rip-proof criteria, and polycotton is cheaper than ripstop, so away with ripstop. It did go all bobbley when washed anyway.

    (Have to admit I liked it though; my old rippy smock's lasted longer than two poly ones)
  4. Because they looked sh1te :D
  5. Because they were shite to iron and before anyone says "your not suppose to iron 95" fcuk off. And as soon as you wash them twice they fad away to shite and fray so you exchange them anyway.
  6. i love ripstop nice and lightweight unlike the new windproof ones
  7. Ripstop = turd
  8. in short cost !

    once upon a time they even issued rip stop trousers but they cost to much and didnt last as long as expected

    also the rip stop material is more abrasive ive found around the neck/groin than the newer ones
  9. Bravo_Zula has the answer. The tear strength has actually increased but industry is meeting the mark with normal materials. Often Ripstop and other 'innovations' are just a marketing gimmick. Not that I really care one way or the other the ripstop stuff did seem to shrink in strange ways pulling the jacket out of shape.
  10. Thats reassuring. I thought it was me turning into Quasimodo.

    I've got 3 of the things. Even the QM refuses to exchange them and I can't even give them away to the homeless.
  11. I remember some bloke (in the pub) telling me that ripstop was specifically bought in to counter the problem caused by the prickly hedges planted around all the fields in NI to stop patrols in the cuds..
    Since we don't patrol in NI anymore.. no need.

    Either that or someone realised how shit ripstop looked, how it didn't really stoprips and I'm pretty sure it b0llozed up the insulation properties of the thing. The new windproof smock is better.
  12. The new windproof smock is nice, but it's a whole lot heavier than its ripstop counterpart!
  13. On the subject of ripstop, anyone know where to get the ripstop windproof that has a hood and the chest zip pockets?
  14. no but they all come with chest zip pockets and the hoods are detachable so could be sourced on their own