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Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by copper_knobblet, Jan 9, 2005.

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  1. Seen and heard about new ripstop CS95 shirts and trousers. What's happening with these then? Who will get them and when? Are they replacing the thinner version or will some or all still have both?

    Also in Pirbright about a year ago I saw new recruits wearing some kind of magnum boot that they said were being trialled. What happened about them?

    Just curious.
  2. Found some of this stuff in a army surplus place. Checked the labels and everything and it looks like the real deal. The bloke who runs the place said they've been stocking it since C95 started getting issued. Why haven't we been issued ripstop uniform to date? Is it cost? Does anyone know if the fabric goes all bobbly after a while a la issue field jacket? The stuff the yanks get doesn't seem to do that. Any septics feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. The Romanians at our place have had the ripstop trousers for over three months. None for us though.
  4. Ah! The thieving gypsy b@stards!
  5. They look sh*te when worn with their brown shoes and boots.
  6. We've been getting it for years - you have to be in south armagh though! Apparently this is the only place you need it. And yes it does go all bobbely when washed.
  7. So why is that then? I want some!
  8. maybe because of the barbed wire fences you have to cross on patrols? :p
  9. eBay auctions have loads of new C95 rip-stop items
  10. Had the rip stop bottoms in S Armagh, they were much better than the normal CS95 bottoms.

    Had to had them back though for some other poor sod to sweat there nads off in a swamp in sunny S Armagh.

    What ever happened to CS 2000?

    probably end up like the SA80.... they'll take it off us, give it back the same and tell us its mega!

    Bring back red tunics!!!!
  11. You first. I'll follow behind, maybe a couple of km.

    I've seen the CS2000 smock and it is very smart, in the style of the 'sass' smock everyone seems to love. Having said that, the bloke wearing it didn't get issued it, he 'acquired' it. Presumably the rest of CS2000 is ripstop material?

    It's 0458 on a Monday morning and I have nothing better to do before anyone wonders why I care so much.
  12. Its just a bit odd that CS 2000 seems to be dribblin out, normally at least a full unit will have it then more and more after that?
    Maybe Iraq put it all on hold??

    What about CS 2005?


    Its 0504 on a monday morning i'd love to be doing something else!!
  13. Fecking hell whats CS 2000? What's that like? Everyone getting that? :(
  14. CS 2000 Jackets have been on eBay as welll
  15. Don't see why we should have to go on E-bay to get some!! :evil: