ripstop combat 95 trousers

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by tank6275, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. where can you get the above item if still available
  2. Can't get it. Not available. Unless you buy it yourself.

    I think kitmoster explained on a thread that it was no longer produced as it didn't really bring any benefits and was rubbish once washed.
  3. fair enough, saw a friend in 23 wearing them and thought they were very gucci and just wondered if anyone knew where they could be bought even if totally useless yet another piece of gucci kit to show off
  4. Eurgh. Why were they Gucci? The ripstop jackets were bad enough, fast fading, hard to iron, stiff material. I'm glad the new CS95 jacket is in now. Mind you, the ripstop jacket was reasonably shower resistant so it wasn't all bad.

    I wouldn't have wanted ripstop trousers... standard CS95 trousers are a better bit of kit. Comfy, easy to iron, smarter looking, and most importantly very fast drying in the field.

    PS: 23 what? You're not a friend of one of them are you? :lol:
  5. What 1923? Bit ahead of his time wasn't he?
  6. CS95 Jacket - ironing! :?

    CS95 trousers - agree that they look good but can be torn by seeing barb wire somewhere in the distance. Suitable for office use only. :)
  7. Gash bugger. You'll still be a tom then? Get that jacket pressed and you'll go far! Everyone knows that free thinking and intelligence take a back seat to a nice ironed jacket, starched trousers and bulled up boots! SAH! :wink:
  8. If you have a spare organ to sell Silverman's do them.
  9. ;
    What? You've a mate who starred in 'Le Nombre 23', alongside Jim Carrey?