Rippon Camp

Claro Barracks, Ripon. Not far from the centre of town.
ITs like going back in time, the camp is splint into two halfs, one half is RE and the other half is a training camp. Accomodation is in wooden huts, they are not ensuite :p
The mess comes under the heading of "Could try harder" ...its got a parade square and a guard room straight out of "It aint half hot mum"

Ripon town itself is nice though and its conveniently close to CTA
Did all my AT quals there, as far as I remember as already said accom is wooden hut type blocks with rooms of 2,3 and 4 if my memory serves me right. The other half of the camp was occupied by a RE Regt but I am unsure if they are still there.
I left Ripon in 1985. There were basically two camps across the road from each other. The old wooden hut camp wasn't used when I was there, the other must have been refurbished since I left as I saw it on the telly a few a years ago showing fire escapes on the side of the blocks which weren’t there when I was in. It was quite run down when I was there, practically the block I was in which suffered from damp due to the IRA blowing a whole in the toilet wall. 38 Eng Regiment RE where the last occupants they moved to NI and I believe are in Afghanistan at the moment.
Nice camp, lots of space with the exception of the Sgts mess.

From past visits, the food is actually quite good, (I await correction!)

The square is central - unfortunatly you must decide to either
A, march all the way to the other side ( if your into improving personal drill ) B, casual long walkaround past the Officers or Sgts mess and risk getting pinged for a job!
or option c, get you mate to go do the job and let them suffer! :D
The wooden camp was defo in use 95 - 98 by Land School of AT. I did 4 different AT courses there. They even had a couple of large new buildings one with an indoor climbing wall and scaffolding for caving SRT. I believe they are still there just renamed to Joint Service Mountain Training Wing (Ripon)

The Engineers were there then but have since moved to Masereene in NI so I couldn't say about the other half of camp.
The wooden blocks are still in use, I know as we spent the weekend there, food is not to bad, but the naffi was closed, if there is one?? not sure.

Best part, after P Coy 2 miler and log race of course, was that the heating was on full chat all night, just in case we got cold, in June?????? come on
Blocks: Dusty and wooden. You could be in three-man rooms or twenty-man rooms. Similar sort of place to Warcop but in better nick. Most facilities (gym, NAAFI etc) are five minutes walk away on the engineer side of camp.

Food: Pretty standard stuff, you can do worse.

Training: The trg areas are tiny but Catterick is about 40 minutes drive away.

Town: Centre is about 15 mins walk away or just a couple of minutes drive. The nightlife is more or less what you would expect for a market town in Yorkshire - but if you club together you can get a taxi to Harrogate for about £20-25 each way.
Was there a few years ago, was warmer outside than inside, no hot water. Naafi was just a square building with a door in the corner, which allowed a gust of cold air in every time the door was opened. No TV. Well say naafi, it was just beer we sold ourselves as there was no naafi then.

Would rate Sennybridge higher, pubs are nearer to the camp too.
I was there a few weeks back and a brief summary of what I think of it.

Overall: Not bad because

1. Nice training area, a couple of hills, close to the camp itself.
2. Food is edible, if they have their spicy burgers on the menu you must try one, it blew my bloody head off.
3. The mess, does what it says on the tin.
4. The Naafi (cadet one) they seem to enjoy it, quite spacious. At the opposite end of the cadet camp from where the cadet accomodation is.
5. Parade Square/Car park - Nice and large, just dont drive a mini bus through the parade square through the centre of the RSM's parade, funny to watch though.
6. Heating, for some reason they seem to turn it off in the winter and on during the summer, it only works during the day and is off during the night. Or was at times when ive been there. In December at night i was sleeping in a minus 10 dos bag wearing a coat.

Are you going there as a cadet or adult??
Good to know, I am an adult instructor who is off to ripon in about 8 weeks time. I have never been there so I thought I would try an get a heads up.

Thanks 8)
I, too, am an AI and off to Deverall barracks next fri............was there 3 years ago and it was fine then. Will give you an up to date sit rep on my return.

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