Ripping DVD to Laptop

Can anyone point me in the direction of some half decent s/w that will allow me to back up my DVD's to my laptop.
I've tried a few in the past but the legit ones seem to stumble on cracking the security on newer DVD's.



P.S Must be free as I'm a tight fist porridge wog. :D
handbrake is good, converts to anything you want it to psp/ipod/etc

use vlc as the player
DVD Shrink
Prepare to be impressed.
Nuff said. :D
Or if you could get a copy of this:
Ashampoo® Movie Shrink & Burn 3
I use Videora, very user friendly for a tech biff like me. Turns them to MP4s so you can chuck them on your Ipod! Average file size is 500-700 mb per movie
Google DVD43. You need burning software beforehand though (1 Click DVD Copy 5 works well with this sw) 1 click burns the dvd and dvd43 removes 'code'. DVD43 is free.
...or you could try dvdfab, which has put a lot of my DVDs onto an external drive, playable with Powerdvd.
Just seen this thread, Wedgy, without me clicking that link by The_Butler, what is the name of the programme? If you are having problems with burning to DVD, I have a programme which will drag and drop, this will ensure that what you drop is all you will burn, it's less than 1mb so can email to you if you wish.

Squiggles said: do a CloneDVD program which I used to back-up a load of DVDs to Laptop, PSP and iPod.

It's a month free trial, but at the end of that I just unintalled it and installed it again and it was fine
Slysofts' suite of programs are good and flexible so I decided to pay for them.

Anydvd strips the copy protection and region coding on the fly so your computer can read and copy any dvd. It hasn't failed on anything yet. Also you get updates on a regular basis.

I decided to go with their copying software but I imagine most are pretty much the same.

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