Ripping a new ARRSE for TCH - RADIO 4 Tonight 20.00 - 20.50


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Just a reminder ladies and gentlemen, that TCH will be on Radio Four's Any Questions programme from 20:00 hrs until 20:50 hrs tonight. Lembit Opik will also be present so it should be an interesting turkey shoot, er I mean debate

Hopefully some of the Arrse members who have secured tickets will be able to submit questions to the slimeball.

You can listen to the programme on your PC or Mac via the following link:

Then clicking on 'Listen to Radio 4' link.

Can this be kept on the front page until the programme is over ?
If people keep bumping it Cutaway , it will.

I spoke to LO today at his constituency office, followed up with an email.

Hopefully, it will have the desired effect.

Muwahahahhahahahhahaha :twisted:



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Ok then - here's a bump.

Listen in troops, you never know TCH may even attempt to answer a question !


Yeah, right......
are they allowed to say ARRSE on Radio 4 then PTP? :wink:

LOL Cutaway, the link is fine, but The Archers theme threw me there... Now we know what you do on a Friday :lol:
This link will take you straight to the show's radio 4 homepage:

You will note that there is a link there to email "Any Answers", the audience response show that follows the Saturday repeat. If TCH says anything that needs another point of view aired to 'compliment' his version of reality and you want to get your version of events/life experience/opinion out into the open, email "Any Answers"; a selection of emails are read out live.

Watch and shoot. Watch and shoot. :p
My ticket to 'Any Questions' was in my mail slot in the Mess this evening - too late for me to attend. :evil: It was posted on 17 Nov by first class mail. My money is on a Neue Arbeit plot!

I shall have to make do with listening in on the wireless.

I trust that those ARRSE members present will not feel constrained - go for the throat!
Glass charged and all ears.

Go for the throat :evil:
Only five minutes to go.... ooohhh, the excitement!
Dimbleby introduced him as the "man who used to be called Geoff Hoon"! I wonder if that was a hint at him being called other things by other people? 8O lol
Despite myself, I am slighty impressed with TCH - he hasn't fallen asleep yet! :p

His political secretary must have given him some pro-plus...
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