Ripping a DVD and Windows Movie Maker Project

Well ARRSER’s I hope the Christmas Spirit still abounds . .. especially amongst the software experts .

I would like to use some free DVD ripping software to rip and then use about 10 mins of content as part of a Windows Live Movie Maker project . Further I wish to remove the existing sound track and replace . Then incorporate the edited Video with a series of photographs , from when the world was black and white , to complete the project . I have virtually completed the photograph element and superimposed a suitable sound track so to the key questions ….

1 What truly free DVD ripping software is the most suitable ?
2 Will I be able to edit the ripped video or will that require more software ?
3 Will I be able to remove original sound and replace with new ?

Finally any advice concerning potential pitfalls would be appreciated .

DVD Flick

I only used this to rip DVD's but I'm pretty sure you could remove and replace audio with it. Check the support notes but it might help you.

Oh and it's free.
Thanks for that info .
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