Ripperology - The Whitechapel murders and "Jack the Ripper"

Looking forward to the the new book coming out on what does seem the forgotten aspect of this subject. The victims.

Hallie Rubenhold: ‘Jack the Ripper's victims have just become corpses. Can’t we do better?’

The shelves groan under the weight of "Who was Jack", but I don't think I have seen a decent treatment of the victims whose lives were ended so savagely.

Books are illustrated with the crime scene and death imagery, they seem to have been reduced to gore-porn. I was using the Whitechapel killings as an example of analytical techiques recently, and refused to show the photographs. I told the interested to skip lunch and GIMF (well, use DuckDuckGo actually but you get the idea).

My favourite book on the topic is Phillip Sugdon's

The Complete History of Jack the Ripper by Philip Sugden

Which is in some ways more a social history (I do not say that as a bad thing) than 'who dunnit'; detailing the London that the murders occured in, the emergent Met Police CID (Kneels, *of Blessed Memory*) as it struggled to deal with this new offence, and the social crisis that was exposed by the killings.

Any other decent recommendations for Ripping Yarns (yes, I thought I would get that in first) to add to the shelves at the nest?


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She was interviewed on a history podcast recently, and there was some discussion as to whether Jack the Ripper even existed.


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The rough sleeping aspect she talks about is an interesting thing, the victims were not attacked from behind and dragged of the street but killed whilst they were sleeping rough, except for one victim killed indoors.

A distant relative of mine was once believed the Ripper suspect, but the dates didn't work out. It's OK he got his neck stretched in Australia for killing his wife.


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I wrote an article for ripperologist mag a few moons ago. Ripper another murder. A tenuous link but off you go it was published.

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