Ripper Hoaxer Appears in Court.

Ripper Hoaxer

Full story as reported.

A 50-year-old man accused of being the notorious Yorkshire Ripper hoaxer known as Wearside Jack has appeared in court.

John Humble denied perverting the course of justice in connection with a series of letters and an audio tape which were sent to police hunting for the Yorkshire Ripper more than 25-years ago.

The campaign diverted vital police resources to the Sunderland area as detectives hunted the man they thought was responsible for the Ripper murders.

But the letters and tape were exposed as hoax when Peter Sutcliffe was arrested in 1981 and confessed to being The Ripper.

Sutcliffe, 59, from Bradford, was jailed for life later that year for the murder of 13 women and is currently being held at Broadmoor Special Hospital.

The Recorder of Leeds, Judge Norman Jones QC, adjourned the case until March 20 when Humble, of Flodden Road, Sunderland, is due to go on trial.

There was no application for bail during the 50-minute hearing and the defendant was remanded in custody.

More than 25 years ago! As young as I was I still clearly remember the furore surrounding the hoax ripper.

Does anyone know if changes to the criminal justice act have have affected the maximum sentence these days?
Newsgroup alt.geordie has been taken over by those interested in this story. Monster conspiracy story revolving around police corruption, police inefficiency and production a la Monica of male lovers shreddies with staining after retaining them for a number of years.
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