Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by papamike_9, May 26, 2008.

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  1. If you do business with companies these day's they all have the 0845 or 0841 numbers, which are chargeable.

    Why should you pay to talk to them, you're the client. The fact is they make loads of money by sticking you on the end of an automated service and you end up listening to a machine and get charged up to 20 pence a minute (on mobiles).

    So here's a web site that gives you their non geographic number. it may also bypass the dreaded machine.
  2. Good one. I'm all in favour of not getting ripped off for calls, but then even on my wage, I'm not going to gripe over the odd £2 or £3 phone call. Nice to have the option should you ever want to use it though.

    Only thing to bear in mind is that the machine is there to put you through to the people that can help you with your specificq query. No sense in phoning your water company to report a leak, and because you skipped the system, getting through to the building that deals with billing, now is there?

    And to address your last point, who the hell is stupid enough to phone anything but another mobile, from a mobile? :lol: :D
  3. My first bold - That 2-3 pound phone call can quite easily become 20 -30 pounds when phoning from abroad, such as those based in Germany trying to square away their admin in UK at posting time. Can't think of any examples to hand, but the point remains valid.

    Bold no 2 - Those living in the block. I recall back in 2000 when I got posted to N Ireland, I moved blocks twice in the first two months and lost a fair pretty penny on landline installation, so I gave up in the end. (I got moved a further 3 times during that posting, so it was definitely worth sticking with my mobile phone.)