Ripon Rip Off

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by brucewillis, Apr 17, 2007.

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  1. I was at Ripon at the weekend, where a bar had been set up by one of the civi contractors. Now while I wouldn't expect anything to fancy on a transit camp I certainly did not expect to pay £1.50 for a can of lager. Worse still one of the guys asked for a coke and was charged £1.50 for that too.

    My point is how much would you expect to pay somewhere like this or in your TAC. Or is this just someone ripping off recruits and staff who are a captive audience.

  2. Are you talking about 15 Bde RTC at Ripon (i.e. Part 1a/b etc)?
  3. Your course must have an QM, get him to set one up or do your own, then you can charge what you want and make some money for course presentations and the like.
  4. The staff used to do that, but was stopped by the people who run the camp. ( Somebody now wants to make a profit off the 200 recruits + who attend twice a month).
  5. Visit the Wonkey Donkey at 51, as a guest you pay £5 & drink as much as you can, only applies to instructors mind, so you're in. We also have an instructors Mess that students, not recruits, are allowed to use the average price is £1 for a larger, be it Becks or a can of Millers.

    When are you coming up!
  6. Eh? How can they do that. How can they stop bars from running.
  7. FFBOX I am closer than you think, are you just off the city bypass?.
  8. Because Polar, we have no one that will fight our corner further up the food chain. So recruits and staff will get ripped off together. Camp staff say that units running they own bars on camp are doing so illegally!
  9. Oh now I am scared, yes the place is Redford Cav Barracks, we're in this w/e if you want to play, you have to play nice mind.
    Fortunately I'm at home whic is nowhere near that bypass!
  10. Go to the Wonkey Donkey and leave the kids at home with a baby sitter and a couple of cases of Stella and a box of Cheese and Onion.
  11. Don't worry mate I'm not a stalker. But I don't live far away!. Thanks for the invite though.
  12. So, so, wrong.

    Another reason to go back to SDR days, 49 'polar' bde would have milked the opportunity presented by central training.
  13. Going back is for Doctor Who, the here and now is ruled by contractors who are all about £££££s. Personally I think the whole situation is shit£.

    But what can you do without the support of the permanent staff. I know the TA is not a drinking club (going back even further there) but when recruits have just joined they should have some down time without getting ripped. They after all aren't regular recruits who are had by the short and curlies.
  14. what contractor is it? I was there a couple of weeks ago and we ran our own bar