Ripon on an Wenesday Night!

Where are the recommended halls of debauchery on a Wednesday night in the thriving metropolis of Ripon? Some hints would be appreciated. Fcuking off elsewhere is not an option!
Doesn't matter where you go in Ripon - if it's a Wednesday you'll end up in Monty's with the dubious pleasure of watching the "dancers"!
Monty's the place to meet thick as fcuk RE blokes and women that limp and talk with a lisp!!!

Was in there just before xmas top night!!!
Ripon + Wednesday Night = Lots of fighting (normally started by very large ladies)

Oh what a soldier friendly town it is.......or B!

You say there is NO other option but if you are only in N Yorks for the night it is definately worth finding another option and heading to Harrogate, it's only a few squid in a taxi and the class of women/pubs/clubs goes up 200 fold.
I saw the title of this thread and thought you were talking about the desire to perform lisecious and lewd acts on Angela.

I was sorely dissapointed.

Low Average for that man.
I suppose, now we're in the brave new world of 24-hour drinking, Harrogate's old advantage of having funny bylaws that permitted late opening is gone. Which is no great pity, because I hate the fcking place.
Did it and a good night was had by all! Started in the One eyed rat and finished, as predicted earlier, in Montys'! The Hog was right about thick as fcuk engineers! - act quite queer as well they do! I've seen better strippers, but I've also seen far fcukin' worse! - so overall, I'll call in a draw against the predictions.
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