I've just heard who one of the four casualties was, gutted, Sharron worked for me a few years ago at 25 Flight. She was one of the best blackies I ever had the pleasure of working with.... Sad day.
I didn't know Sharron, but my condolences go out to her family and everyone who knew her.
Sad news about Sharon. Knew her at Aldergrove in late 90's - top tech and always had a laugh and smile - no matter how crap things were!
Sadly missed. Condolences to friends and family.
I know many of the readers of this part of ARRSE will know Sharron from her service with the AAC as REME Tech. Once her parent's wishes are known, details of the funeral will be passed to your Regimental Secretary. Please contact him if you have any queries, rather than post details on ARRSE.

Many thanks,

Yeap gutted also. I will miss her constant smile and sence of humour....Sharron RIP girl....Well respected...well liked........Its harder to take when you know them......
On behalf of Sharrons Mum, Step-Father and her other brothers I would like to say thank you to all who have sent their condolences either via this media or by phone or card. Thank you, it has been a great comfort to know so many people cared. Sharron was a great person and will be sorely missed.
Her brother Swollendonkey...
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