RIP WO2 Steve Cook

Just read in this months crafty about the sad passing of WO2 Steve Cook. This guy trained me at Pirbright and was an absolute legend. If there were a few more RS types like this then we would be a lot better off as a Corp.
RIP Cookie.

Fond memories of some cracking nights in the Detmold Naafi Bop!

Arte et Marte.
I knew cookie from 7BN, spoke to one of the guys down there, and cookie decided to have a proper dine out when he realised it was all over. Wheeled in oxygen and all, what a top guy.
Sadly he left the dinner early and was wheeled out with "you were always on my mind" played on a fiddle without a dry eye anywhere. He was a great bloke who went easy on the plastic RS wannabe (me). Karaoke just got notched up a level upstairs!!
A good pal of mine....he was Corps through and through....said my goodbye to him a week before he fell out, brilliant Soldier until the end.
Just logged onto Armynet to take a look. I remember Cookie for the days of old. He was a top boke. Always having a laugh, and a professional through and through.

One of the few DS/RS that I actually got on with.
I worked with Cookie at 8 Fd / 7 Bn, all the above is correct, a helpful and proffesional guy. Pity i couldent be at his dine out, RIP fella
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