RIP - WO2 Sean Upton - 5 Regt RA

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by GunnersQuadrant, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

    RIP Buddy
  2. R.I.P Sir

  3. R.I.P Sir,

    another sad loss for the regiment,
  4. R.I.P. Sir

    Beduff, ex 53
  5. RIP.

    Spent many a happy year supporting 5 Regt.
  6. RIP Sean. Very sad news.
  7. It is a sad loss to 5th Regt, RIP sir

    To all of his family both in the Regt & at his home, be strong, be safe, come home safetly
  8. RIP Sean

    5 Regt soldier through & through

    Knew you as a Bdr and Sgt not so many moons ago in 5 Regt. Top bloke
  9. Sean,
    knowing you was a pleasure, from when (on Fraser Scott 91) the DRA asked if you were a Cadet, through the nights in "playpoint" and the "2 grand". Later in Catterick looking after Whiz on the Mk1, keeping away from Paul K**g, being State Black in Batus, driving Mr G on T1, battling with 19 on H6 or laughing whilst the then BSM 53 couldn't work out how old he was.
    Everything was done with a smile, nothing was too much hassle.
    Dedicated to your family our thoughts go out to them at this difficult time.
    Hopefully I was privileged enough to count you as a friend.
  10. I taught Sean on his basic radar course....


    Condolences to all.
  11. Rest in Peace Sgt Major.