RIP WO2 Paul (Del) Whitehead


Its with regret that I have to inform all artillery members that on christmas day I was telephoned with the shocking news that after a short battle with leukimia Paul aka "Del" Whitehead died on christmas eve.

Whilst being a scaleyback myself I never actually served with paul but we were friends from school and the army cadets. funny how our leave always seemed to tie up together after we joined the regs. Often we would meet up for a few scoops in the town of Yarm near middlesbrough.
Funeral arrangements are not confirmed but i have heard that its this thursday at acklam cremarorium in middlesbrough. will confirm (unless any other friends can confirm)

link taken from local newspaper

sleep tight paul


lots of thread visits who knew him?
Yes - Del great guy, very very sad. My condoleses and prayers go out to his family and friends at this very sad time.


Very saddened at the news, last saw Del at the Army vs Navy match in the Gunner Bar he was on top form. My condolences to his family, any more info about the arangements would be appreciated.


thursday the fourth of jan in his home town of yarm
not sure which church yet, but theres only two. 11:30hrs


for those interested, del had a really nice send off.
i drove into yarm and it was a hive of military activity.
the church was ram packed with soldiers and civvies. Paul was piped into the church in his flag draped coffin by a smart syndicate of artillery soldiers.
Hats off to one of his senior colleagues who told us all about his escapades whilst on ops, the magic sock full of jack daniels and the venga bus stories managed to crush the lump in my throat at least until the speaker began to struggle himself.
overstricken with grief at the loss of a very good friend even the speaker began to buckle towards the end, i welled up myself at the horrible feeling of loss that finally overcame everyone in the church.
The old fella from the british legion took a bit of a bad turn at being stood to attention for so long, he was escorted out in a very proffessional manner by pauls army friends.
I watched my old friend being carried out by his military brothers and had to avoid looking at his photos in the church handout for fear of bursting into tears myself.
For all the boys who attended the funeral in yarm, you did a very smart and proffessional job for an old friend of mine. Thank you.
I did not go to the crem or the golf course but i hope you all had a bloody good skinful and toasted paul on his onward journey.
thanks all of you again and rest well paul. good night and god bless x
I know the name but can't picture the face, I spent some time attached to several Gunner Regt's as a gun plumber; 1st, 2nd, 47Fd.


My sincere condolences to family and friends.


A gentle giant but a true warrior..Rest in peace my old friend, your final tour is complete,missed but never forgotton
Paul was a part of my Listening Post detachment and later my radar detachment in the 90's in Tidworth. To some he came across as a lanky, gobby, bouncy bloke, but to those who knew him well, he was one of the keenest operators in the business, and a pleasure to be around.

I lost touch with Paul when I transferred cap badge, and was gutted to hear of his untimely death. I was unable to get to Yarm for the funeral, but thanks Copey for the description. I'm sitting here almost in tears.

RIP Big Lad

Geordie H


I was with 5th Regt for a couple of years and Del was always one of the Stripeys who had mischief in truck loads. Was shocked and stunned to hear of his death, being out of the loop i hadnt even heard he was ill.

RIP big fella
Knew Del from HQ Bty 1 RHA before they re-located to 5 Regt .Last saw him in 2002.Top bloke,had alot to give the Royal Regiment.R.I.P Del from those that knew you in 1 RHA.


R.I.P Old mate from an old dragon.

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