RIP - WO2 Michael Smith - 29 Cdo Regt RA

RIP Mick, was hoping to see you at the 7Bty reunion.You were a good mate even when i became a civvie. I will never forget you mate. Davie (fish) Garriock 7bty 85-90
Rest easy Mick, our loss is Odin's gain.
RIP mate.
I was truly very shaken to hear that he had been killed. the man was the soldier I wished I could be.
My thoughts go to your family and the lads still on the ground
Mick - Rounds Complete - for you blokes - an inspriation - for your commanders a phenominal bloke. You know you inspired me to join the army. I will try and be the man you were - but I will forever be living in your shadow.

Kind Regards

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