RIP, Wally Parr

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bravo_Bravo, Dec 16, 2005.

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  1. Ex Ox and Bucks, in the first glider to land at Pegasus Bridge. Died 3rd december in Lewsiham Hospital.

    I had the particular honour of meeting this geezer ( for such he was ) at the 60th anniversary of D Day, at Pegasus Bridge.

    Anyone who has read Steven Ambrose's "Pegasus Bridge" will, I suspect, also have been in awe of this man.

    I'll raise a glass to you tonight, Wally.
  2. I believe he was credited with executing

    "the single greatest feat of airmanship during WW2"

    ... i dont know who that quote is attributed to but i'm sure one of my learned friends can help me out ...

    RIP Wally, i'll raise a glass for you this very evening.
  3. No,that was Staff Sgt Jim Wallwark, Glider Pilots Reg.

    After a 10k glide, at night, he landed his glider 47m from the bridge. Strictly speaking, he and his copilot where the first guys to touch French soil on D day, but they arrived via the Perspex canopy of their glider and did not know about it for some time.
  4. Hi, I would just like to clear up a slight mis understanding about Wally, he was NOT Jim Wallwork who was the SSgt pilot of Glider No 1

    Picture of Jim Wallwork

    But infact Pte Wally Parr (although he was a full screw shortly before deploying and recieved imediate promotion as soon as he landed)


    Wally was a personal friend of mine and my inspiration in joining up, I will sorely miss him

    Thread on Wallys passing

    French Site about Wally
  5. i stand corrected and humbled gents .... hats off all the same.
  6. Actually there were beaten by the Pathfinders who landed some 30 mins before, I can't remember off the top of my head the first to land but it was a Capt with a suitibly french name