RIP Trooper Jack Sadler - HAC

RIP Jack -

Unfortunately I did not know you, but by all accounts you were an outstanding credit to the Regiment, and the HAC will never let you be forgotten.

Condolences to Jack's family and all those close to him.

Rest easy fella.

and though off thread I'd like to point out theres at least one civvy who understands appreciates and respects the work of both the TA and the Reservists you guys do an amazing job

thank you.
Fellow Arssers; today at about 2.00pm myself and Ugly along with 35 other members of the Historical Breech Loading Small Arms Association toasted the memory of Tpr Jack Sadler in the HAC clubhouse at Bisley.
Rather fittingly those of you who know the club house will be aware that it was erected in 1928 in memory of those who served in the HAC and lost their lives in the Great War.

Thanks HT, I'm sure it was a moving experiance too.

Just wish that is was not necessary.
RIP. Looks like the Army has lost a soldier with real potential, and his family a fine son.

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