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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by OpsO, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. My aunts, cousins, half brothers dog killed a fly today


    I am along in thinking that having a Police RIP thread is a step to far, someone compared policing in London to Helmand province? Are you taking the p*ss?

    Also what is it with the ucking poetry, if you feel that strongly go and put a teddy/flowers on the spot that he died.
  2. Well said OpsO. I'm sure most people here will already know how I feel about RIP threads.
  3. i made this point about 4 months ago and was lambasted..... there!!!!
  4. I got ridiculed for a while, but stood my ground, and won some support, and some nice PMs from the hardcore.
  5. i can,t see whats wrong in honouring fallen military or ex military comrades?
  6. my Great-Uncle Charlie died last yr...he was in WW2,

    RIP Fella
  7. What's the problem? If you don't like it, don't look at it. Seems pretty fcucking simple. I'm sure there will be lots of threads I don't agree with on the site but, guess waht, I don't look at them. This is a site for more than you, so if some of it's members want to make these threads, I don't see what business it is of any of you.
  8. exactly, just ignore the thread its not hard............just don,t click on it! :roll:
  9. You could have applied your own advice to this thread… :roll:
  10. I was more pointing out the guy was police not army, also the poetry
    ??? Princess Di syndrome.

    I understand that NOK of Mil guys may come on this site and find solace in fellow soldiers expressing their condolences. I just think this is OTT.
  11. I don't post in the RIP threads but i do sometimes read them for amusement. Some of the sh1t people come out with is remarkable. I don't disagree with the threads though. If people want to pretend they're upset over someone dying they have never met then good for them.
  12. fair one,i don,t agree with honouring everyone on here,just forces,current or ex serving.
  13. I don't recall saying I wasn't interested in this thread.
  14. When I pay my respects on the 11th Nov I haven't met those people named on the memorial.

    If people don't like RIP threads they don't have to post in them or as one wanker did, totally trash them.

    If there is a chance that the family of the fallen might see the thread (as has happened) and take comfort from it thats a good enough reason for them.

    Just my opinion.