Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Nick78, Jan 31, 2007.

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  1. Apologies, I am sure this has been discussed before, but today is the last day for the RGJ, in name anyway!

    God Bless the Black Mafia, and thank you for evrything!
  2. Its like the pop star Prince - who became "symbol" - then Prince again

    Rifles - Rifle Brigade - RGJ - Rifles. So still "Green Jackets"

    (I know that the Rifles will be made up of all sorts but lets face it - they have been assimilated! :boogie: )
  3. Bugle Major!!.....Sound the Double!!!!!!
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Another death nail.

  5. I did pre NI training in 72 with 3 RGJ showing us how it should be done; a great bunch of lads who I know many of 49 Fld are greatfull for their professionalism and paience!
    In later life when thinking if I did it again who would I do it with, it would have been the RGJ.
  6. The Royal Green Jackets.

    Some of the best days of my life. Some of the best mates I've had. Travelled the world. Grew up. Experiences that changed me for the better for ever. A formidable history, a superb tradition.

    I will go to my grave knowing that, whatever else - good or bad - may happen, for a time I belonged to something truly EXCELLENT.

    Tonight I'm raising a glass or two for the Jackets. Then, FORWARD THE RIFLES! (que distant sound of bugles...)
  7. A real shame that yet another famous regiment is to be retired. Are we just americanising the army?
  8. Oh the irony. 60th (Royal Americans) became 60th (KRRC) became 2 RGJ and as from midnight tonight becomes The Rifles. Nobody with a better claim to be "American".

    logical_log, I can only assume that some swift and bold rifleman came along in his dapper green uniform and shagged your bird/mum/dog...sorry that last one was 3 para mortars....

    I'll drink to the RGJ and The Rifles!
  9. I worked with some great characters from across the 3 (as was) battalions, especially 'The Flying Bugles' parachute display team, affectionately referred to as 'The Tumbling Trumpets'.
    Well done 'The Jackets' but, forward 'The Rifles'. (raising a glass)
  10. ha ha! Yes, I think Logical-Log you must have massive carry that chip on! This post was started simply to toast a regiment that has one hell of a history as do all the regiments in the British Army, not a chance for people to snipe away showing a little too much of their self-confidence problem. We can all find stories which show various regiments in a bad light so for one evening alone lets not nit pick and take the chance as others have on this page to remember the RGJ with pride and look forward to an equely illustrious future with The Rifles..The best of luck to all serving members.
  11. Logical log no response required knob

    Highest regards to the Jackets especkly the boys out in Basra
  12. to borrow from another regiment forming part of the Rifles
    'I rise again in increased splendour' - the name changes, the traditions don't die

    Good luck Rifles
  13. Just ignore that prick logical log, his missus was obviously gang****ed by rifle company at some point, he always pops up where he isnt wanted.
    My old man was 3 RGJ in the seventies so no doubt me and him will end up raising a few glasses later on.
    He was arrested on his stag night for singing "My son will have black buttons on his chest..." Pity I joined the RMP eh?!
  14. The RGJ are in fine company. They only seem to kill off the good regt.s Black Watch etc. Maybe it's the new test for a unit? Get binned, amalgamated into a new identity. See how long it takes to stamp your identity and ethos on the new unit.
  15. My dad was 2RGJ (KRRC), I was born with the sound of Bugles playing the advance. Proud to say I was RGJ TA. Nearly 40 years of association with this great Regiment. A sad day but Forward "The Rifles"