RIP:The German bog

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by WALL!!!!, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Been working around the Fatherland for ten days now and cannot conceal my dissapointment at being unable to have a good butchers at my chod as it lays in all its faecal glory upon the 'continental shelf'.Seemingly,all German chodders incorporating a viewing platform are being phased out in favour of the less peurile and mirth-inducing standard throne.Sad times indeed.

    Any other cold war warriors have fond memories of this magnificent sanitary creation?
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  2. I miss the awesome power of the flush as it comes out at full watermains pressure. Many a time has my turd welded itself to the shelf, as I sat there reading a paper whilst crimping one out, and to find that the flush resulted in a tsunami that a surfer would want to get involved with. Happy days indeed.
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  3. Those bogs were skidmarktastic.
  4. Tis truley the end of an era.

    I can fondly remember the screams of horror as the misses had her first experience mit eine Deutsches krappper
  5. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Fear not my friend, the viewing shelf is still alive and well in Austria. They are like Germany's little brother, it will take them a good few years to catch up and phase out this magnificent creation. How the Krauts can get it so right, yet a few miles west the frogs still insist on shitting into holes in the ground is completely beyond me. Backward frog *****.
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  6. I can still recall my 18-year old shock at first seeing the things; it was just so wrong, like crapping on the marble slab at the fishmongers, a crime against humanity.
    They will be collectors' items soon, changing hands for small fortunes on E-bay, like cast iron bell-cisterns. You should lay in a stock whilst the prices are low.

    Is there a German composite word for them, like stool-inspecting-toilet-pan?
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  7. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    That reminds me, anyone got that phot of the German soldier having a shit while smoking a pipe?
  8. I was traumatised by a german krapper some 10 years ago when after a Bavarian night out I nipped a large one out which promptly hit the shelf and fell forward skid marking my ball bag on the way through.

    Still makes me wretch.
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  9. this one?

    Shitting Nazi vs Mong Tiger.
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  10. I like you, you are one funny ******.
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  11. In true Teutonic fashion they have an entire Wikipedia page just for bogs... Toilette
  12. They are still available at good DIY's just that they are out of fashion at the moment but there are many Boxheads that will be re-installing the inspection shelf as there's no splash back when unloading!
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  13. One with a poirot type moustache?
  14. Is this another EU regulation? And we thought we had it bad with straight bananas! It's an outrage I tells ya.