RIP SSgt Neil 'Scunner'Campbell

Sad news over the weekend, I was told of the passing of Neil. Those who knew Scunner will know he was diagnosed with Motor Neurone disease last year.

A top top bloke, I first met Scunner @ 39 Regt RA wksp out in Sennelager in 93 where he was my Lance Jack....and beasted my brew making capability to the limit!! Over the past 19 years we have always managed to bump into each other, most recently when he was at 3 RSME LAD I was at RETDU.

MY thoughts go out to Sandra and the kids, also to everyone who had the pleasure to call Scunner a friend or colleague.

RIP mate you will be greatly missed.
Sad news indeed,a top bloke indeed deepest condolences to the family.
Very sad to hear about scunner... many a happy time did we spend together at fally in pack section, a real unconscious comedian, top husband, father, and and a good mate. My sincere condolancies go out to Sandra, Lewis and Lyle.

Its really not fair wasn't his time!

RIP Scunner, i'll have a wee dram for you pal.

Arte Et Marte

I was in Basic Training with Scunner and had the honour to serve with him in two other Units. Last being 1BW LAD as Full Screws together in B Shops. My condolences go to Sandra and the kids on the loss of a wonderful man and someone I considered a good friend. So sad we lost touch and I did not find out about his passing until today :sad:

I'll have to dig out the Basic Training videos just to see him trying to hide the 'Black Mamba' during a filmed change parade. Thinking of you Wee Man.
RIP Neil
I joined just to post this message, I came across this just by chance was looking for something completely different.
I knew Neil from 39 Hvy, went to the Gulf with.
Brought a tear to my eye sometimes life is way too short.
RIP indeed, very sad, very sobering passing. From his service details mentioned here he seems to have been far too young for this to be his time to go.

Condolences for family and friends left behind.
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