RIP - Sir Tasker Watkins VC

Hell of a career....

If I won the VC, I'd make sure everyone knew about it and I'd want a mural dedicated to my handsomeness and bravery on every street corner.

Go easy Sir.
It is men such as Sir Tasker Watkins VC, Pun VC and the others of this calibre that made this country great,promoted respect and were of the "right stuff".
They deserve the nations respect recognition and support.

RIP Sir Tasker Watkins , Hero.


m_d_n I have seen murals to your valour and good looks, oh wait , sorry its just a dubious stain on my sheets . :)
Private_Pike said:
RIP sir.

Another great and worthy english gentleman passes with little acknowledgement.
Actually he was Welsh

He was born in Nelson, near Pontypridd, on 18 November, 1918, a week after the end of World War I.

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