RIP - Sir Tasker Watkins VC, GBE, DL

Welsh rugby has lost one of its greatest servants with the news that the Honorary Life Vice Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, Sir Tasker Watkins, died in hospital in the early hours of this morning, Sunday 9 September through natural causes.

Sir Tasker's VC
He was 25 years old, and a lieutenant in the 1/5th battalion, The Welch Regiment, British Army during the Second World War when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the VC.

On 16 August 1944 at Barfour, Normandy, France, Lieutenant Watkins' company came under murderous machine-gun fire while advancing through corn fields set with booby traps. The only officer left, Lieutenant Watkins led a bayonet charge with his 30 remaining men against 50 enemy infantry, practically wiping them out.

Finally, at dusk, separated from the rest of the battalion, he ordered his men to scatter and after he had personally charged and silenced an enemy machine-gun post, he brought them back to safety. His superb leadership not only saved his men, but decisively influenced the course of the battle.

His Victoria Cross is on display in the Welch Regiment Museum located in Cardiff Castle.

To read more about this remarkable gentleman:
Thanks for that, I checked the Forum as well :?

will blame my lack of vision on a very hectic Mess Dinner that kept me occupied until the sun came up . . .

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