RIP Sir Frost

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PepperSeaDog, Sep 1, 2013.

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  1. Well everyone else has a thread on it...
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  2. Yay, thread No5!!
  3. RIP Search Function. You will be missed.
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  4. Has someone died?. Frig me, it was only the other day that Neil Armstrong went
  5. I know! If these people would pay their taxes instead of scrounging off the state and dying all the time, then we'd be in a much better position to bomb Syria.

    We should merge all these threads too, it'll save a few bob for the Government....probably.
  6. Farewell to the most over rated and dull sychophant to ever interview on TV.

    Insomniacs everywhere will shed a tear at the loss of your nasal whine as you cock-suck and arse-kiss those of more deserved repute than yourself across the airwaves.

    You dull, dull fuck!
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  7. "Goodbye, good night, fuck off".
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  8. HEADLINES.............Sir David Frost loses will to live after watching Keith Lemon on Through the Keyhole last night.
  9. Keith Lemon deserves to be killed by ants as well.
  10. I preferred him in Bo Selecta.

  11. Is that jack Frost the winter cold that puts nice white bits on the trees? Hmm.. global warming or what? :)
  12. As an aside from the quintupling of threads...

    Sir Frost?

    Are you real?
  13. ^Probably just an oversight. Unfortunately titles once posted can't be corrected.
  14. Yeah I know I meant to say David but like lumpy said when a title's up it can't be fixed.
  15. "Hello, good evening and..."

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