RIP Sir Frost


Book Reviewer
Yay, thread No5!!
RIP Search Function. You will be missed.
Has someone died?. Frig me, it was only the other day that Neil Armstrong went
I know! If these people would pay their taxes instead of scrounging off the state and dying all the time, then we'd be in a much better position to bomb Syria.

We should merge all these threads too, it'll save a few bob for the Government....probably.
Farewell to the most over rated and dull sychophant to ever interview on TV.

Insomniacs everywhere will shed a tear at the loss of your nasal whine as you cock-suck and arse-kiss those of more deserved repute than yourself across the airwaves.

You dull, dull fuck!
Is that jack Frost the winter cold that puts nice white bits on the trees? Hmm.. global warming or what? :)

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