RIP Sir Bobby

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by The_Coming_Man, Jul 31, 2009.

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  1. A true gentleman, a sad day indeed.

    RIP Bobby, you will be sadly missed.
  2. Bobby who?
  3. A great great manager , saldy missed by the game , my thoughts and prayers to his family at this sad time
  4. Cow

    Cow LE

  5. Surname woulde be useful, or are you just hedging your bets?
  6. In a world of vacuous celebrity and prima donna footballers, I feel that the game has just lost one of its most decent people.

    The amount of charity work he did behind the scenes without any publicity even before his illness was astronomical.

    Thoughts are with the family.
  7. A great manager, funny how the current Toon demise coincided with his departure
  8. Man was a true Gent and a legend......
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    RIP Sir Bobby, a gentleman of the game in which we have so few.
  10. There was a tv programme in the recent past I recall which had a camera crew follow this gent around. It gave some insight and character of a man whom most of us only regard in his football manager's role. What a lovely, gentle, guy. I hope the Beeb (?) repeat this programme in the circumstances. RIP
  11. R.I.P. Sir Bobby. You were a true gentleman.
  12. RIP Sir Bobby. I am rightly gutted.
  13. He was (And always will be) adored by the fans at the toon, he was one of those rare characters that was universely admired across the game irrespective of club. His mispronounciations became legend! :D

    Except for Shepherd and Hall who treated him disgracefully.

    The press were also unkind when he was England manager. This fine man deserved so much better.

    It is no co-incidence that Newcastles decline started when he was removed from post.

    This is truly a sad day for not just The Toon, but English football as a whole.
  14. A true gent and a gifted football manager. We in England can only dream of the success he would have brought to the national side had he stayed on after 1990.

    RIP Sir.
  15. even as a scot i had time for bobby robson, great man with a great love for the game.