RIP Sheldrake.

Woke up to this dreadful news. RIP Simon , you will be missed.

Condolences to his wife Sarah , and his children. Sympathies to his friends and colleagues

A swift recovery to Simons co-workers injured in this tragedy. The Witney and West Oxfordshire Gazette has a superb write-up on Simon , which can be viewed here

It has been suggested that a wreath from us is provided, I think this is an excellent and fitting idea.

Stand easy mate.

Edited to add that can the mods look into sending something from the site? I would be willing to chip in of course.
Godspeed mucker.....
Does anyone know if Simon's body has been repatriated to the UK yet, and when the funeral is supposed to be taking place?

We will organise a dontaion section for a wreath , but we do need to know details of the service etc?


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