RIP Ronald Searle... Cartoonist, author and FEPOW


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Ronald Searle died aged 91 ....pretty good going for a former inmate of Changi Gaol and Burma Railway veteran...

BBC News - St Trinian's cartoonist Ronald Searle dies

In January 1942, he was stationed in Singapore, serving with the Royal engineers. After a month of fighting in Malaya, Singapore fell to the Japanese, and he was taken prisoner along with his cousin Tom Fordham Searle. He spent the rest of the war a prisoner, first in Changi Prison and then in the Kwai jungle, working on the Siam-Burma Death Railway.

The brutal camp conditions were documented by Searle in a series of drawings that he hid under the mattresses of prisoners dying of cholera. Liberated late in 1945, Searle returned to England where he published several of the surviving drawings in fellow prisoner Russell Braddon's The Naked Island. Most of these drawings appear in his 1986 book, Ronald Searle: To the Kwai and Back, War Drawings 1939-1945.[3] At least one of the drawings is on display at the Changi Museum and Chapel, Singapore, but the majority of these original drawings, approximately 300, are in the permanent collection of the Imperial War Museum, London, along with the works of other POW artists

Caption: a joke's a joke chaps - but don't go go too far.....
Deeply saddened to read this.
But raising a glass tonight to a life well-lived.
To have given witness and produce such gut-wrenching & moving images of the death railway whilst working on it is remarkable in itself; and then to go on to give such pleasure and hilarity to so many is indeed as extraordinary as it is praise worthy.
RIP Ronald.
Not only St Trinians, he illustrated the "Molesworth" books of Geoffrey Willans. Graphic genius, but who wants to be older than 91?


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I'd say he lived life to the full after the war....and didn't want his experience to shape what came after....' surprised and delighted to be reprieved' sums it up....well batted that man, a dem fine innings.....
RIP Ronald - your works are engraved in my mind.
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