RIP Roco :(

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mohiga, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. RIP Corporal Taniela Tolevu Rogoiruwai.

    Known as Roco.

    2 section wagon commander, 1 Platoon Anzio Company. One of the nicest blokes I've ever served with.

    We took the mickey by copying his rolled Rs: - "Rrrrrradeooh check, ova!". He always took things in good humour. He was strict with the section, but a seriously nice guy. Incredibly strong and well built, but never abused his strength.
    He had a huge tattoo of Jesus on the cross on his back, which even made the padre raise his eyebrows. He insisted on wearing jungle pattern combat trousers and the old-school jungle shirt with the epaulettes.

    When he was growing up in Fiji, in the area where he lived, all the local residents were getting really annoyed by all the local Pakistanis who had set up a mosque minaret which played the call to prayer at some unearthly hour in the morning.
    As everyone was getting so irritated by it, he and a mate climbed up it early one morning, and replaced the call to prayer with some Fijian Reggae music.
    Suddenly it comes on and everyone in the nearby streets is jiving to the music or walking around completely bewildered. Legend!

    During pre deployment training, on a night out with the platoon, he was wrongly identified by the police as a troublemaker in a club. After being heckled by them they eventually tasered him. Once. Twice. Three times. He would not go down. Eventually, he said "If you F***ing taser me again..!" and walked off.

    Here he is repairing one of the wagons - he's the guy on the far right of the track in the jungle hat. He could probably lift the whole thing by himself.
  2. rest in peace kingo!
  3. Rest in Peace
  4. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    now that is what a rip thread should be.

    Rip mate
  5. Video of Roco assaulting a FIBUA house with his section:

    [video width=480 height=385][/video]

  6. RIP kiddo, as orderly Sgt he could be a handfull to deal with on a beery night, but a great guy and a fantastic soldier.............. sad to see you go, hope they got islands in the sky for you.