RIP Professor Richard Holmes CBE

I'm gutted at this news. Richard was my lecturer when I did the global security msc at cranfield. He was the best lecturer that I ever had. He also acted as my dissertation supervisor and gave me excellent guidance and advice on a difficult subject. I have happy memories of sharing drinks with him on a staff ride in Normandy too. A true gent he will be sorely missed by all that knew him.
Britain has just lost one of its most unique and irreplaceable men; the army has just lost one of its greatest champions and defenders. Professor Richard Holmes was the embodiment of everything that makes this country – and its army – great. He had a brain the size of a planet and an abundance of common sense wisdom, gravitas, experience and judgment, that frankly is pretty damn rare and about as special as it gets. A giant of academia and a brilliant historian, what marked him out for me was the obvious reverence, affection and respect that he had for the ‘ordinary soldiers’, whom formed the backbone of the campaigns he covered. He didn’t just celebrate the achievements of our most legendary leaders and brilliant Generals whom designed our victories – he beat the drum for the rankers whom executed them.

Professor Holmes was utterly consistent and possessed rock-solid integrity on all levels. If you wrote to this great man he would take the time to compose a thorough, thoughtful and personal response – no matter what your station or question. I know that he offered private moral support and practical backing to individuals whom asked him for his council and guidance. If you were a soldier this guy would go above and beyond for you; he walked the walk and talked the talk – his private face was exactly the same as his public one.

A great Englishman, a literary giant and an unmatchable scholar. But most of all a soldier.

Brigadier Holmes: RIP
A sad loss to the world of Academia, he gave several excellent guest lectures when I was at KCL and his books were always well written and full of passion for his subject. Gutted at his untimely passing.

An officer, gentleman and eminently watchable feller. 65 is bugger all these days.
Damn. Really liked his programmes and books. RIP.
Never had the privilege to meet the guy but enjoyed immensely his TV appearances. He had the gift of being able to draw the watcher in and to listen to every word due to his in depth knowledge of the subject.

His lectures in the flesh must have been pretty impressive stuff.

If Dan Snow acquires only half the knowledge and the skill in getting it across in his lifetime, as Prof Holmes did then he will have done well.
What a fine Historian and it appears from people who knew him an honourable Gent to boot. A sad loss. His enthusiasm shone through in his TV work and books, and his admiration for the forces and men in combat were obvious, open and unabashed. I will greatly miss your work Sir. RIP.
An outstanding historian, writer and lecturer, and unsurpassed public speaker who captivated and enthused generations of Army Officers.

Rest In Peace.
I have read many of his books, and watched his TV documentaries, he always seemed to me to be a man fascinated by his subject, with the rare ability to tell other people about it without being a bore, or a know-it-all.

He seemed to be a gentleman and the previous posts bear this out.

I wish his family well.


I met the late Richard Holmes at a lecture he gave during military book week in Tidworth irrespective of rank or cap badge he captivated his audience, he truly was a great man and will be missed in his field
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