RIP Paul Shane

I'll chip in here - he dropped in at a holiday cottage in Shaldon S.Devon where my family and I were staying at yonks ago. He was at a local theatre doing a production of some sort. From my vague memories and from what my folks said, he was a nice chatty, friendly guy who shared a cup of tea and a laugh with us.

And no - this tv personality of the 70's/80's didn't touch me. Not properly anyway, the lazy fcuker! I feel cheated.
I guess we'll be getting re runs of Hi De Hi, You Rang Me Lord, and Oh Mr Beeching.

It is sad though as that's another part of my Child hood gone.
It's news because it was on the news and it's in the newspapers. Or am I being too simplistic?
The sign on the door would suggest your are. :)

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I remember seeing that rendition live on telly and thinking at the time is was a piss-take. That said, 'Hi-de-Hi' was one of the last gasps of the BBC doing decent early evening comedy in the 'Dads Army' frame. Lots of fond memories of watching that over the weekly ham sandwiches at teatime and Paul Shane was one of the constants in it. So from me, RIP and thanks for being a part of my formative years.

PS. Rawhide: classic!

Ted can't hear you!
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