RIP Paul McKeever PolFed

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by iPadPlodding, Jan 18, 2013.

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  1. RIP to the old fox Paul McKeever of the Police Federation.

    Whatever you have to say about the Fed Paul fought our side with dignity and guile. I heard him speak at the march in London and immediately knew we had a good man to lead the fight.

    I for one will miss him outfoxing the wicked witch May like at the Fed AGM whilst onstage. Brilliant.

    RIP that Sergeant.
  2. I thought he was a complete **** who further politicised the Police Federation.
  3. Respectful if nothing else!
  4. I've never heard of him.
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  5. Neither have I.

    Militant copper dies, so ******* what.
  6. Inspector Gadget spoke highly of him on his web site. I suppose if you're outspoken you will not be everbodys favourite Teddy. However a bit of respect is due. RIP.
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  7. So, we'll flood this board with RIP threads for anyone who dies and then sit back on our self righteous high horse and demand that everyone shows respek to our fallen soulja?

    Toms are different, everyone else can **** off.
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  8. CQMS if you want to sit on a high horse, go ahead. I will remain with both feet firmly on the ground. Sgt McKeever was a serving police officer in a police force that by all accounts is getting shittier by the day. For that reason alone the rank and file of the police force deserve some respect for doing a job that lesser mortals fear to do. As for Toms, are they the only ones in the British Army?
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  9. Drillgaff don't worry about it I'm sure the same kind of comments will be put on here when his obituary is posted.
  10. Sadly it fell to be his lot to deal with the Home Secretary when she defended the Winsor Report at the conference in 2012.

    In comparison to what was clearly rubbish (pay is not the sole concern of police officers, but it suits the media agenda to portray police as fat, lazy, corrupt), Mr McKeever managed an aside which clearly hit the point -

    Theresa May heckled at Police Federation conference over cuts - Mirror Online

    It made the point better than some of the ill tempered goings on from the rest of the conference.

    I am not qualified to say anything else about him, but for that moment he clearly encapsulated why policing should not be politicised in the way this government so nakedly is doing.

    And for that he should be thanked. We'll regret it when we loose it, and Mr McKeever lived to see a job he gave so much time to being dismantled before our eyes.
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  11. News gossip and chat and loads of Old Bill are ex squaddies so why not? Loads of bollocks talked on the site daily so why not Paul McKeevers death. Nothing more than that really.
  12. Seems fair.