Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by RIPNRPS, May 24, 2010.

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  1. All NRPS,

    05 contracts are going FTRS (H).

    Watch this space and the COC!
  2. Apparently all NRPS 05 contracts when renewed will be FTRS(HC). A great cost saving measure for the Army, this will ensure that the money that you earn in conjunction with your pension is not more than you earnt on your last day of paid regular service indexed link to the current day.

    This will mean that when personnel re-apply for the jobs after their 5 year contract is over, it will be in the knowledge that that they may take a large drop in pay.

    The first 05 contract comes up for renewal in Oct 10, still nothing heard from the CoC. Better late than never?!

    It will be a case of,"that's the offer, take it or leave it"

  3. Think they're going to get a lot of that.....
  4. I believe in the current climate, despite the sabre rattling, they will take it.
  5. I don't know. The good, hard working NRPS who do slightly more than they should, who turn up slightly more than they should, will take a long hard work at the amount they put in against what they get and how MoD treats them.... and say "F**k this for a game of soldiers!"
  6. and then get a job doing??? there isnt a lot out there at the moment!
  7. Modelling for SAGA brochures ;)
  8. Funny you should say that, we had a call from SAGA for one our NRPS about a quote he had asked for!
  9. You took it because the NRPS was supervising the instalation of the Stannah Stairlift, I presume?
  10. Wake up. If they were ambitious or motivated they wouldn't be NRPS! Times have changed mate and in civvie street there is not a lot of call for standing around drinking coffee and saying "In my day blah blah blah"
  11. Yep DarkNinja have to agree, getting money for old rope or actually having to work for a living...... I am sure there will be less than you think telling them to leave it!!

    Life ain't that easy out here at the moment, getting better but not great, and if you want some decent brass then be prepared to graft or you'll be signing on pretty quick.
  12. The Law of Un-intended Consequences is going to rear its ugly head again.

    Many NRPS will throw their hand in. They will need to be replaced. No-one will want to do it for the money. Military staff will be re-deployed to cover tasks that absolutely have to be doe by those with mlitary experience. Some TA will step up for FTRS - upsetting many Regulars. Civil service will grow even more to fill gaps. Daily Mail will start outrage campaign. Bus will be needed but NRPS MT staff will have gone etc etc etc
  13. Agreed, Herrumph. I'm very lucky that with the exception of a complete chopper of a PSAO back at the beginning of my time with the TA I've had excellent NRPS. "I GIBBO!" & his merry men in my last TA job being a great example.

    However if the T&COS are eroded much more I can see the little bit extra they did for the good of the Troops (& occasionally to cover the arrse of very grateful Young Officers) is likely to go out of the window...
  14. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    In what world, other than the military, would someone's salary level be set in accordance to their previous employment? It does seem slightly daft.
  15. . . . if they know where thay can get a better job - and there ain't ferzackerly a lot of those in our latter-day economy: tellesales, recruitment consultant (a different typs of telesales); customer-facing call handler . . . C++ engineers, SAP Consultants . . .it is grim