RIP Michael Jackson 9 Years and not forgotton

He's been back for while.

Got himself reincarnated as a plastic bag.

That way he can once again be black or white and a danger to small children


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When MJ was being investigated for his 'alleged' predilection for young boys a lady with whom I worked with at that time thought it was awful the MJ was being so treated. I said to her 'would you be okay with your 10 year old sleeping over with him and sharing his bed?' She had no answer for that.

So, OP, please excuse my blunt language but - Yes, I can believe it was 9 years ago, I just wish it was 29.
Ah ok. Was he used for spares also?
american long distance wagon driver, so I think its more likely he was a sex slave. So no difference to Jacko then. Apart from BFO trucks.
For Sale; single white glove , slightly soiled index finger
9 Years and not forgotton...

is the answer Ronne Fucking Pickering?
What’s brown and was often found in a baby’s nappy?

Michael Jackson’s hand.
Didn't we have the odd (odd being the operative word in the place) user on arrse who liked to fcuk kids too? Wasn't he an MJ fan..or just a BJ fan?
Anyone who takes a monkey everywhere with him in case he needs any spare parts if a fukcing fruit loop.
Good riddance
Firstly Chimps are apes not monkeys.
This guy took an ape everywhere with him but I sure as hell wouldn't call him a fruit loop.

Fucking hell, there was another bit to that movie other than Eliza Dushku in tight black leather?

Who knew?


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Ah, but can you name any of his hits?

His father got a few hits in on a couple of friends of mine who were a bit tardy on morning runs.
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