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RIP Maj John Davey (FluffyBunny)

He took the time to train me in the noble art of sex-pesting... Lessons for life, that I'll treasure, and use as much as possible.

You'll be missed, pal.
Christ, this one's a bit of a shock.

We always ripped the piss out of each other on the open forums and in chat, but we had some interesting conversations out of the public domain.

May I ask what happened?

RIP Sir.
John was held in the highest regard by me.

A more helpful gent you won't find, even for a stinking gunner.

Kind of hoping this is a wind up and not true.

Rest easy mucker
Poor old FB - and to think i didn't copy his bunny thing into my signature line and so facilitate his plan for world domination...I feel such a heel. Do we have details?

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