RIP "Mac" Mckenna 280406

We lost another top quality bloke on Friday night, Mac McKenna. On route to his new posting in NI he was involved in a RTA on his beloved Motorbike.
Deepest sympathy to all his friends and family, he really was a star and will be missed by all that had the pleasure to know him.
RIP mate.
Which Mac McKenna was that? Was it the large-boned scottish chap who used to be a bleep in 11 Regt - left as a Sgt from Edi Tp in 2004? If so that would be a great shame.

My condolances to the family anyway even if it isn't my ex-bleep. RIP mate.
No, not him mate. Mac served with 15 Sqn, NICSS, 7 Regt. Joined in 1990 then got out for a while to try 5 Civ Div but missed the life too much!

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