RIP Lee "Maca/Chinny" McCarty Ex Green Howards..

Around a fortnight back I recieved a telephone call to tell me that Lee "Maca/Chinny" McCarty had taken his own life at home in eaglescliffe.

A friend of mine since the days of the army cadets in Kirklevington, Lee started his military career in the Royal signals, before transferring to the Green Howards.
I used to make the occasional trip from Detmold to Osnabruck to visit him whilst we were both stationed in Germany.

Lee was a regular drinking partner during leave in the town of Yarm.
No-one will know why he decided to take his own life, Its thought that a culmination of financial/family/relationship and drink problems all came together at a low point in chinnys life.
Lee was not the type of person to pour out his problems onto others, that was not his style.

His funeral was last week in yarm. The church was packed out.
He will be missed by his many, many friends.

Sleep now Lee.
Until we all meet up again
Plenty of hits...who knew him?
Yeah I remember Lee from when we were in Traz, I didn't really know him but he was a good lad. Its a shame that he has taken his own life. My thoughts go to him and his family. Baz 2 Yorks (1 Green Howards!)

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