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RIP LCoH Jo Woodgate, KIA 26 March 2010

He was an absolute legend, a great bloke and a awesome soldier and leader. The British Army and The Household Cavalry are a poorer place without him. Audrey did him proud. He will be sorely missed.
Spot on Hairy. He would help the lowly trooper with any task he could....cept track bashin! He made Med Man bareable. The most stylish,expensive,ally,arty,green,good lookin bloke I've met in the army. I hope he's forgot about the pints he got in at Canada or I might end up as skint in death as I have been in life. Last spoke to him when I was headin on RnR, an when I asked him over a quick brew how BRF was treatin him he just swept back his massive hair and said "well, its f*cking awesome,I'm bein paid for bein shot at...again" with a massive grin. Always in the thick of it, he was made to be a Recce or "Recon dude" soldier and I'll always look up to him and aspire to be at least half as good as he was at soldierin. Always be missed dude, hope you have a nice watch on, an you're still comin out with the best lines from vietnam movies! RIP Woody.

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