RIP Jack Davies 1 CG

A soldier who lost a leg after being blown up by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan four years ago has died, aged 23.
Surgeons had to remove Jack Davies’s leg after a mine exploded, inches from where he was standing.

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    Tributes have been paid to Jack Davies, who has died, aged 23

The 23-year-old, from Loughborough, suffered his horrific injuries on a training exercise in the Afghan desert while serving with 1st Battalion, Coldstream Guards, in 2009.
The blast left a friend dead and another with serious head injuries.

He spent five months in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, in Birmingham, where his left leg was amputated. He was also treated for a spinal injury.
He is believed to have died on Sunday, but the cause of his death has not been officially announced.
Tributes from his comrades have flooded in, describing him as “a brave man who stood up to adversity” and who displayed “enormous courage and tenacity”.
Lieutenant Colonel Toby Till MBE, commanding officer, 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, said: “All ranks are shocked to hear the news that Guardsman Jack Davies has passed away.
“He displayed enormous courage and tenacity to overcome his injuries and to restart his life.
“I will always remember Jack as a cheerful, enthusiastic and positive young man, always smiling and cracking a joke.”
The battalion will hold a remembrance service in Nanyuki, in Kenya, where they are currently stationed.
Lt Col Till said: “Our thoughts and prayers are with his fiancée, Louise, his parents, Paul and Anne Davies, and his sisters, Jenna, Kerry and Elaine at this extremely sad time.
“He truly was second to none and will never be forgotten.”
Regimental Sergeant Major WO1 Steve Taylor said: “The support he received from his family was always immense and I know this gave Jack the strength to be independent.
“Jack was a fine soldier and a fine young man, an inspiration to anyone injured at a young age.”
Drum Major Scott Fitzgerald said: “His selfless commitment should be an example to others and his courage and bravery will never be forgotten.”
Lance Sergeant J Stephenson said: “Jack was one of the nicest lads you could ever meet, always putting others before himself, a true inspiration to us all.”
Comrades who served with Jack in 1 Company said in a statement: “Jack was a great friend to us all, an upbeat lad and never short of a good word. He was a top bloke and he’ll be sorely missed. Rest in peace, Mukka. Nulli Secundus. (Second to None).”
Sharon Johnston, who runs The Beacon pub, in Loughborough, said: “Everyone is devastated. He was a regular at the pub and became a friend. He was an absolutely loveable character. His friends were all in here on Sunday evening and everyone was just numb.”
It speaks volumes to me that Jack befriended my nephew at school, and remained a good friend thereafter. My nephew has CP, and the majority in school found it easier to ridicule or ignore him. Jack was part of a small group of friends who were better than that.

My mother and nephew were at the military funeral in Loughborough earlier in the week. Speaking to her earlier, she said it was a wonderful and moving service, with a tremendous turnout of family, friends, locals and military.

RIP, and condolences to the family, his fiancée and the little ones.
I remember the day they were hit on the Field Firing area outside Bastion. Very sad day.

My sincere condolences.

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