RIP Gerry Anderson

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CrashTestDummy, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. Parker?
    Yes, M'lady?
    Take orf my dress.
    Yes, m'lady.

    And don't let me catch you wearing it again.
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  2. Dammit! I hoped it was this cnut:

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  3. Sorry to disappoint.
  4. Leave uncle gerry alone he's funny! It's george jones I could never stand!

    Before my time but RIP thunderbirds dude.
  5. RIP a true British innovator.
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  6. R.I.P FAB

    I still have a few Century 21 TV annuals.

    Gerry, I forgive you now for inventing Joe90 when I had to wear NHS specs...
  7. Who had him in their "Dead Pool"?
  8. I mis-read the title and thought it was Gerry Adams, and was wondering why the hell CDT was RIPing him!
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  9. "Anything can happen in the next half hour" Or was that something else entirely?
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  10. He would be OK now if he was a mysteron.
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  11. Isn't there a Toyah song like that?
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  12.'s a mystery......:-?

    I'll get my coat....................................