RIP George Blackie

Not sure where to post this but I am choosing this forum on the back of 1 Regt AAC in Georges adopted home town of Gutersloh.

Flt Lt G C Blackie AFC suffered a heart attack and passed away on the evening of 9th December.

George was a helicopter pilot of the old school and served several tours as an ALO in Germany on the staff of HQ 1 (UK) Armd Div, the DSG and several Brigades, including 7 Armd Bde on Telic. He also taught at the Bundeswer Helicopter Flying School.

He will be known to many who served in the various HQ staffs in Germany as well as the FACs, AbFACs and Flying Rhino participants.

Deep sympathies to his wife Briggeta and family and friends in Glasgow and Gutersloh.

Bingo George
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