RIP Gary Mason

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Mag_to_grid, Jan 7, 2011.

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  1. Unfortunately Gary Mason was killed in a cycling accident last week. I always liked Mason and I have fond memories of watching him on ITV before Sky got the monoply on boxing.

    If it wasnt for Lennox Lewis giving him the nbeating that he did then Im sure he would have gone on to fight for a lot longer and maybe achieved the same sort of status as Bruno did.

    RIP big Gary

    Former boxer Gary Mason killed in cycling accident | Sport |
  2. I too like to watch him fight and when he was on celebrity gladiators in 1993

    RIP Gary
  3. I used to get frustrated sometimes watching him fight, as he was a bit of a plodder and seemed a little slow sometimes. But his record was pretty damn good, and when he let fly he was tremendous. Seemed a good gy all round also after his boxing career ended...A sad loss to boxing fans... :(
  4. a real loss to boxing never going to be world champ but still had the nuts to step between the ropes to fight
  5. Seemed like a nice bloke, but I've never met him and couldn't care less. What's this doing in CA?
  6. Never reached his potential because of bad luck.

    Manged by Frank Warren who of course also managed Bruno, so that tended to act as a bit of a damper on his career. Also suffered from a detached retina which really blew things for him.

    Still had 38 professional fights and won 37 (KO 34, which is very far from shabby!) and lost only 1 (Lennox Lewis)

    He was on Sky for a bit as a commentator but used "inappropriate language" whilst his mic. was still live and that was that.
  7. I'm pretty sure Mason, Bruno & Notice were with Terry Lawless, although Mason (like Bruno) might have moved over to Warren later.

    Lawless didn't want those 3 fighting each other, and as you say, as Bruno was the star, that limited opportunities for the other 2.

    I think Mason also appeared on a few R4 quizzes; he certainly seemed to have a bit more brains than one high profile heavyweight from the same era!