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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by alib, Apr 24, 2012.

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  1. In the Chicago Tribune Facts, 360 B.C.-A.D. 2012: In memoriam: After years of health problems, Facts has finally died. By Rex W. Huppke
    Facts was later reported to be alive well and living in Anders Breiviks mentalist blog posts.
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  2. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Cracking article. But too bloody true.

    (Well, it might be. I only skimmed over the headline.)
  3. Unfortunately the Guardian, NYT and Huff Po sent flowers as well.
  4. Whilst amusing, this article is predicated upon an incorrect supposition, that Facts can be destroyed by Lies, Assumptions, Opinions, or any other thing that isn't completely and utterly true. Facts would not exist without the various forms of fiction that we have, as everything would just be 'stuff', though we would have a lot less 'stuff'. And there would be far fewer books, hardly any newspapers, no politicians...
  5. If there were no such thing as lies, then there would be no need to describe something as being factual, it would just be.
  6. A lie not challenged becomes the truth.
    Unfortunately the USA's left leaning media rarely challenges Obama's Democratic Party spin, duplicity and contempt for the Constitution.
    And Allen West? Well unlike the vast majority of his sneering detractors he has actually served his country and held down a real job. I think he underestimated!
  7. Reminds me of a film I watched a few weeks back.

    Two girls are arguing in a classroom over reports that a band helped save people from a fire at one of their gigs.

    1st girl: "I was there, they didnt lift a finger to help and were drinking in the parking lot."

    2nd girl: "Yes they did, they pulled people out of the burning building. It says so on Wikipedia!!"
  8. Misunderestimated even!
  9. Not Colonel West old chum.
  10. That's the same dusky fella who equates the creation of the Fed with Marxism. Both Marx and the classically liberal laissez-faire founders of the Bank of England would find this position rather perplexing. Central banking is one of the bedrocks of not just modern capitalism but Imperial war fighting, banking really isn't an architectural feature of Marxist political systems.

    Now you could say he was an ignoramus or lying but West is clearly an intelligent man. He knows the Congressional Progressive Caucus he calls "Communist" is mostly funded by Wall St, big oil and the Israel lobby just like he is and these wealthy and privileged chaps serve those interests just as slavishly as he does, where they differ is mostly on inane culture war issues and who benefits from the tax code and pork not on the workers ownership of the means of production, the members off the CPC would run screaming in terror at such an idea. These are people who think single payer healthcare is a radical idea for feck's sake.

    He is in fact speaking in the loaded language of propaganda knowing his base really no longer cares about facts but enjoys having its buttons pressed and liberal long ago lost its Reagan-era sting as an insult. Let's thank him for his service but perhaps not too objective historical truth. Civic discourse would be greatly improved if rather than abusing truth we could only go back to simply calling political opponents *****, they probably are after all.
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  11. See signature block......
    It's irony, honest!
  12. This might be an appropriate thread to stick in a quotation from one of Mr Pratchett's excellent novels: "A lie can run around the world before the truth has got its boots on".
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  13. Course none of this is new.

    There is a story about LBJ in his first political race in Texas he was losing to a popular local farmer. LBJ suggests to his campaign team they put about the rumor that his opponent is fond of having sex with his livestock. His appalled campaign immediately tell him they can't do that, to which LBJ replies "Why not? Let the pig ****** deny it!". Shrewd man LBJ.