RIP F/Med 4

Yes, that much loved document the F/Med 4 is to slowly wither and die. No new 4's will be created and old ones will no longer be updated or have new records added to them.
The reasons given being that

handwritten data is still being entered onto the hard copy F/Med 4, which is neither efficient or effective. As well as being laborious and thus expensive in staff time, it results in transcription errors and incompatible medical records. Furthermore, under the financial moratorium, where clerical posts are now being gapped, there is an increased risk of degradation and inaccuracy in record keeping
From the 1st march 10 DAPHCS has decided that APHCS will cease adding date to F/Med 4's, additionally APHCS will ensure

a. all new consultations and data are entered onto DMICP. This will include rehabilitation, Community mental health and occupational health including Boarding.
b. All new paper records from SHC are scanned and the originals shredded.
c All investigation reports are either entered electronically or scanned.
d. Existing F/Med 4's will be retained securely and transferred on posting.
e. APHCS will create a new DMICP record for any visiting patients who have no existing DMICP recor. This would include elements of the TA, reserves and entitiled civillians.

From 1 Mar 10 APHCS will cease to print records from DMICP to place in existing F/Med 4 envelopes

Personally I applaud this idea, however I originally thought that the DMICP/JPA crossover would solve problems rather than create them. As a concept, one record with one system to follow is wonderful. The practicality of it is, I fear, going to be somewhat different. Time, and my blood pressure readings, will tell.
What will we do on one of those ever-so infrequent days/weeks when Dii/DMICP crashes?

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