RIP Derek Poyser

It is with great sadness that I report the passing away of Derek Poyser (late the Int Corps). His daughter Vickie tells me that in the last few weeks he had been in great form but died suddenly, yesterday, 31 August 2009. Derek had been seriously ill with a range of painful conditions which fate had unfairly placed upon him. He had however never lost his sense of humour; he was a danger to the nursing profession whenever he was in hospital, a frequent occurrence of late and continued to keep in touch with a wide circle of friends and old comrades by e-mail. Derek, who completed 25 years army service, was an excellent Analyst (special intelligence) and also played a mean hand of poker. He will be missed. Funeral (in Loughborough) details in due course.


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Aw hell, that's a damn shame. Please pass on condolences, Jim.
Derek Poyser – Funeral Arrangements. Following message received from Derek’s family: The whole family would like to thank you all for the phone calls, cards and emails. Knowing he meant so much to so many has made us all very proud. The funeral will take place at Loughborough Crematorium on 11th September 2009; the service is due to start at 10.15 am. If anyone wishes to carry out a reading or tell one of many tales, such as occasions when he got you into trouble or himself in to a funny situation, please let us know as soon as possible. We can then arrange with the minister for it to go on the order of service. As Dad wanted his send off to be a celebration, there is no need to wear black unless you want to. If you prefer to make a donation instead of flowers, they will be given to Heartlink, which is a charity that works closely with Glenfield Hospital. You can make the donation directly or to us to pass on. The reception will be at Burleigh Court (on Loughborough University campus) until 1700. Related web site links below: (crematorium) (Burleigh Court) (Heart Link)
I am really sorry to learn of Derek's passing away. We were in Cyprus together in the 70s. My condolences to his family
I never knew him but my condolences to his family and friends.

The loss of any of the Corps family, current or ex-serving is always a sad loss.

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