RIP Dan Duell

It is with sadness that I pass on news of the death of Maj Dan Duell.

Truly one of life's gentlemen, he was oft described as "the nicest man in NATO". Quiet, unassuming and very capable indeed; a source of sound advice, and always willing to pass on his experience or lend a guiding hand.

I have very fond memories of playing golf with Dan in Brunei. He teed off with an iron and hit it further than my driver, and had the most wonderful old wooden "conker" putter - full of character, just like Dan. He played golf like he did a lot of things - in a calm, modest and understated fashion, but very capably indeed. I remember making him chuckle on the 7th at Berakas Kem, after I played what he smilingly declared to be "the worst hole of golf I have ever seen".

RIP Dan. A crying shame, as you were an absolute top bloke. Condolences to family and friends, you will genuinely be missed by all who knew you.
That is terrible news. CR gives a fitting tribute to Dan - the nicest guy you could ever wish to meet, he never had a bad word to say about anybody, a true gentleman. My greatest memory of Dan was when he turned up to replace me in Pakistan - he'd spent seven hours in cattle class on a Pak Airways Flight because the shifters had cocked up his ticket in Business - he didn't complain once and just laughed about it.
RIP my old mate, thanks for the good times.
A true Gent, lovely bloke. I remember well his time with 39 Regt in Sennelager and the frustration of stables parade in front of the empty sheds where Phoenix would be when it entered service and then to us in Rhinedahlen to the MND(C)! Sad loss.
I have only good memories of Dan, a truely nice guy and he will be sadly missed. RIP mate.
Could anyone wish for better tributes than those posted? This is ARRSE at its very best.
Deeply shocked and saddened at the sudden loss of such a genuine and lovely guy. I first met Dan in 97 when he was at MND(C) and I was in 1 MI. Instantly struck me as a very approachable guy, quietly confident and always smiling and laughing. Our paths crossed many many times after that and we always had a good chat and caught up with what we had been doing since we last met. He was one of the few Corps members who everybody liked, I have never met anyone who had a bad word to say about him.

So sad I will never be able to have a good chat with Dan again.

RIP Dan, sincere condolences to his family.

Such a very sad loss.
I echo everything that's already been written on this thread about Dan - someone who we could be proud to call a true gentleman. RIP
A huge shock. RIP Sir.
Goodbye Dan, you will never be forgotten. I can still hear that booming laugh, still see your mahoosive frame and that ever present sports jacket, and experience that crushing handshake. Life gave you some pretty hard knocks but you always came up smiling, always did the best for your boys and the Corps. Rest in peace mate. Will be having a coldie in your memory next ANZAC Day.
Tragic news and very spooky, as I was only recently looking at a photograph which featured Dan.
I didn't know Dan particularly well (being a Scaley back and all), but our paths crossed when, as an Int Corps RCMO, he joined R SIGNALS MCM Div and associated R SIGNALS RCMO's on a week long "jolly" over to Italy on a "roadshow"! It turned out there were more career managers than actual audience, but it was all about getting us all together for a week, under the Div Colonels watchful eye, so he could put in some proper input to Part 2 of the OJARs. I echo everything already said by much closer friends to Dan than I. I fondly recall him as a very personable, friendly guy who got along with everyone.
Shocking news and I offer my sympathy and condolences to his family and friends. RIP Dan, a true professional and a gentleman.
All that has been said before me is truly deserved. I have known Dan on and off since he joined the Corps and have genuinely lost a true friend. Dan just seemed to get bigger, both physically and in 'presence each time we met - I used to wither as his hand clasped mine and nearly shook my arm off! He was a true ambassador for the Corps, liked and trusted by all he met both socially and professionally - and a genuinely nice guy.

A true loss and deepest condolences to those surviving him

Rest Easy Dan - A job well done!
This is such sad news, I don't think Dan had a bad bone in his body. I always admired his ability to maintain an utterly calm and happy demeanour despite whatever might be kicking off. This was particularly so when I was jiffed to support MND(C) on an exercise in Breda and the ARRC HICON were being painful to put it mildly. While I was getting all worked up, he was just laughing about the absurdity of it all which made it all seem like fun. I also value the extremely honest advice he gave me in his RCMO days and it goes without saying, the many beers we shared over the years.

RIP Dan, you were a legend and a true friend.
I think about Dan a lot after reading these tributes and realise it was a crying shame he was never an RSM. He would've done that job brilliantly as he knew how to speak to people, look after them and give them some top cover from the rubbish above. I don't think we'll see his like again. At the moment the Corps seems to be promoting those to RSM that only think of themselves and are plastic infanteers, although I can think of one or two exceptions.

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